“I wanted to create music that was so different that my mother could tell from anyone else.”

les paul

my story begins like many guitarists - curiosity, and wanting to be like the rockstars i idolized... i never really knew the possibilities that guitar would bring to my life. from the second i picked up my first acoustic, i was hooked. guitar has always been a part of my life since that day, but it wasn't until i pursued music performance in college... 

... that i saw just how much this world had to offer... especially in that this experience opened my eyes up to jazz. fast forward to today and i've made my full career into guitar and music performance - i am a professional working musician and a full-time online guitar instructor. i get to live, breathe and play guitar day in and day out - and hey, that makes life pretty perfect. 


from the second i picked up first acoustic, it was love

I was introduced to music the way a lot of kids are: my parents signed me + my siblings up for piano lessons. 2 years in, I broke my thumb play wrestling with my big brother, and milked that excuse to not practice piano until my mom called me out, saying "you obviously don't like piano... want to switch to guitar?" That was the best gift my parents ever gave me: early exposure to music education and their ability to see my passion for guitar - for that I'm thankful. 

My first lesson, 8-year old me, could not wrap my head around the fact that when the teacher asked who my favourite bands were (which were Blink 182 and Sum 41 at the time), he nonchalantly said 'oh yeah, we can do that.' The part that had bored me about the piano was the part that was immediately washed away with that moment. 

From there, I continued my explorations into rock, getting really into heavy metal in high school and forming my first band. Though I was in Concert band all throughout high school, it wasn't until my senior years that I was in the Jazz band that began my exposure to that genre. 

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my story

jazz grew my skills + my mind

When it came time to leave high school, I had no idea that music could be a viable career option for me - until Darren, a teacher from Selkirk College, came to speak to and play for our class... I was mesmerized. 

Selkirk College really is where I began to dive deeper into my craft, joining ensembles for jazz and forming the band Mango Train. Fast forward from there, and I created the band Saturn Alien with some of my classmates, the band which allowed me to move and tour across Canada to settle down in Montreal. 

While living in Montreal, Will Ripley and I began to set up ways to continue teaching and serving our students, now using online guitar lessons. It was quite revolutionary when we got started, and now we support countless students every single day with our online lessons and courses. 

I love to collaborate with other musicians for session recordings and live performances, and teach online guitar lessons full time. It's pretty amazing when I think back to when I was in that first guitar lesson, that I was really setting off on what would be the passion of my life.


Due to COVID-19, I'm currently not performing live. That said, I encourage you to visit me on social media where I often share videos + go live

i teach online guitar full time for campfire guitar star... 

1:1 Online guitar LESSONS

after graduating music school, i was lucky enough to join up with the incredible will ripley as he founded campfire guitar star. 

we offer online guitar lessons + online courses to guitarists worldwide! 

this is the best way to work with me 1:1 

my teaching philosophy is that i believe in bringing you what you want to do. i'm not going to teach you how to play just like me - i'll teach you how to play how you want to play,  

my ultimate goal is for you to want to practice and play, so we'll focus on what you want to cover, and i'm happy! even if that means we aren't covering john coltrane.


playing guitar daily... montreal, canada 

teaching guitar daily... worldwide

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